The Beginning EP

by Vicious

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The Beginning EP


released September 20, 2015

Recorded at Mayhemness Studios
Artwork done by: Joseph Barrientos @jbcreate



all rights reserved


Vicious Lindsay, California


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Track Name: Tip Toe
Tip Toe

Tip Toe through your window with you on my mind you think your so superior
your the last thing on my mind

Let's take a moment to show that this doesn't matter
Let's take a moment to show that no one cares

All of this is all the same thing and all of this is all the same

So after the fact you think your superior you couldn't never be so fucking wrong

Tip Toe through your window

Don't press your luck

Press your luck
Track Name: C.I.K.

Never regretting never forgetting who we are we find comfort standing alone on top

I am too legit to legit to fucking quit
I will never give up till I'm in my coffin
I won't let you down
Next time you see this face your under attack

Fuck what they say because in the end it's myself and I because in the end it's myself and I

Fuck your crew
Fuck what you do
Your all the same to me
Confidence is key
Track Name: Twilight

Fucking bitch telling lies button eyes just like Caroline

We have been staying up late nights wondering what could have been but we know reality has set in thinking that the best of me is the worst of me so go be free before I fuck this up again

Welcome to the mother fucking Twilight Zone

We unlock this door with a key of imagination though a land of substance sight and mind through a land of substance and ideas you just crossed over to the Twilight Zone

We gone to far lose your mind
to unlock that mother fucking door
Lose your mind
Track Name: I Am Hope
I Am Hope

Have you ever felt that your life was over have you ever felt that your living on borrowed time

Let's make the most of it
Let's give it one more thought
Let's do this like we're in the forest because everyone we know points and says wild life Fuck off

I am hope
I am alone
I will figure this out on my own